Taking time off to enjoy a well-earned holiday is both exciting and relaxing to anticipate, nevertheless it is imperative to plan appropriately and take the appropriate precautions necessary before departing. Since nothing can inconvenience a holiday as rapidly as losing your hard-earned money. Tourists unfamiliar with a new location they are visiting are easy targets for pickpockets and scammers who may rob, cheat or trick you readily if you do not stay vigilant and protect your wallet, bag, phone and other valuables. Don’t be an easy target and have your holiday ruined by hustlers.

Below are five straightforward and practical ways to keep your holiday money safe when travelling abroad:

Travelling Money

1. Limit Your Use of Cash and Credit

By utilising cash, debit or credit cards as your main means of payment for your holiday expenditures can cause an abundant amount of risk. To begin with, it is not uncommon for tourists or travellers to overspend on holiday, which puts them over their initially planned budget, this can have dire consequences if not managed properly. Additionally, the loss of your debit or credit card through theft or misplacement will cause severe problems that may lead to credit card fraud or stolen personal information.

The use of cash as a primary payment method has several problems including an increase in spending and risk of being stolen. Therefore, the ideal method of payment during your travels is by using a prepaid card. As you have loaded the card beforehand, you can easily stick to a definite budget and it is easier to conceal and more discreet to use. Before you go, be sure to check what forms of payment are primarily accepted at your destination. (more…)

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No matter what type of website you’re running, whether it be a online e-commerce store, nonprofit, or just a blog – you know the key to success is traffic. You know if you want your website to be worth anything you need to be driving new unique traffic to your site each and every day. Beyond web activities along, there are many methods you can utilize to achieve traffic, such as: print advertising, word of mouth, highway billboards, radio, etc. Most website traffic efforts however are launched online and usually takes the form of two main strategies: PPC and SEO. Let’s take a brief look at both of these strategies, and compare their similarities and differences.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”- a web traffic growth strategy where the owner or manager of a website makes tweaks and “optimizations” on their own website content – as well as takes actions to influence others’ web content, toward the ultimate goal of appearing with increased frequency, more visibly, and in higher ranking positions within Google, and other internet search engines. As the search results search engines return are prompted by the words and phrases (AKA “keywords”) that people type into the search bar, specific keywords are targeted by professional SEO strategists as their goals; with an eventual aspiration of having their website return as the “top” or number one search result in the search engine, for a given keyword search query. It’s important to note, SEO only contributes to the “natural” search results that are returned for a keyword query. In Google for example, these are the site listings that appear underneath they tope colored advertisement box at the top of the search result screen. A few of the different individual SEO strategies professionals utilize, for example, are link building, offsite, and onsite content creation, and HTML optimization. Some of the main characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks of SEO are:

1. Unless you employ someone else, SEO is technically “free” to execute (it only costs the time you take to work on it)
2. When you target less competitive keywords, or “niche keywords”, you can get top search results with much less competition than Google Adwords PPC for example
3. SEO typically takes some “ramp up” time before search engines notice the efforts across the web
4. When practiced alongside other marketing efforts, SEO can be harder to attribute unique value to – as it is less trackable, and less in your control
5. If you do have a budget, want the value of SEO activities, but don’t want to execute on them yourself – you can pay to employ an “SEO Agency” to work on these activities for you. (more…)

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Starting your own business isn’t easy, and with so many expenses and so many competition coming from all corners, getting things in order seems practically impossible. Without the proper funds and enough money to keep everything ticking over, your business can quite easily fail before it’s even started. One of the best things that you can do in the early stage is get a business loan. You can get one from a company that is lending out money or you can ask your family and friends to lend you some cash. Here are the main benefits of getting a loan for your business.

  1. No personal repayments

Unless your family and friends are very gracious and forgiving, they’ll expect to get their money back no matter what happens to your business. However, many companies which lend out money to new entrepreneurs hold the corporation liable rather than the individual business owner. This makes things a lot easier, since you don’t have the same pressure that you would have if you borrowed money from another type of lender. If your business goes into liquidation, you will be able to pay off what you can without having to worry about losing your home and other personal assets.

business loan

  1. Lower interest rates than many other loans

Using a credit card or other form of loan to help your business along will only mean that you have to pay higher rates of interest. While some credit cards allow you to use the card for a year without paying any interest, you pay very high rates once the year is up. Since business loan lenders understand that you’re trying to get much-needed funds to set up a business, they are often more lenient with interest rates. (more…)

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One of the biggest points of contention in many relationships is what goes on when the other person isn’t around. While many review sites and ask blogs cover the basics of how to handle someone worried over you while you are away at work, or what to do on your own business trips, not may detail how to handle a relationship where she is the one gallivanting around the globe.

Whether this just is not a common situation, or the result of common misconceptions on relationships in general is up for debate. The facts remain that being in a relationship that is much less long distance and much more just a fact of her travelling a whole heck of a lot has a different set of issues to address and different perks as well. Knowing how to handle this gracefully will increase your chances of success in either case.

Never be Negative about Her Want or Need to Travel

say goodbye at the airport

That isn’t to say you cannot complain about the lack of having her around at all. What we mean by this is simply that if you spend your whole time together talking about how much you hate her boss for sending her off somewhere, or how much you really dislike that she has to run off to volunteer in far-flung locations you are going to end up looking for dating sites in no time at all. There is a very big difference between simply saying that you miss having her around and that you hate what made her leave in the first place. The first shows that it is actually spending time with her that you really want to do something about and that you want to do something positive about it. The second shows a large amount of a self-centered want for control. Even if she does not seem to take it negatively, you can bet some of her friends will have something to say about it.

The thing is, even if she tells you she has to go somewhere, that may just be because it is easier to blame someone else than to tell you she actually really enjoys the travel. It’s a lot easier to brush of the need to be elsewhere for extended periods on something neither of you have much control over than it is to disagree with someone you want to spend your limited time together and have fun with. For no other reason than keeping the balance of your relationship, she is more likely to avoid conflict on the topic of her travelling. It is probably best that you do as well. After all, if you cannot handle that she is not going to be around at the drop of a hat, you may need to consider looking for dating sites anyway, because this might not work out for you regardless. If, however, you are capable of leaving her to have her own life as well, keeping your disappointed language focused on the fact that you want her here with you will make that clear.

You Will have More Time for Yourself


This is actually a very nice perk of dating someone who is constantly travelling. The thing is, we all have hobbies separate of the person we are dating at any given time. Likewise, we often have friends that we want to hang out with separate of those hobbies and separate of the person we are dating as well. The more time you want to allocate to these things, the more having a travelling girlfriend or spouse can be a really good thing. Basically, it means being able to cycle through binges of the various things that you like at a steady interval. If she is going to be in town for a week, set aside that week for nothing but her. Do things you like to do together. Go all out. Spend a ton of time together. Every reprieve in travelling becomes a mini vacation so really take care of it. When you know you won’t have to keep that sort of pace up all the time, it is easy to devote yourself to it for whatever amount of time she has to spend with you.

On the other hand, when she is gone, you are free to make all the plans you want without ever having to talk with her about it. There is no double checking to make sure she didn’t have anything planned. There is no negotiating dates and times around things she wants to do, or getting a sudden text at the last minute that keeps you from going to poker night for the third straight week in a row. Instead, you may have a few times you scheduled just to keep in touch and otherwise are free. Whether you spend that time lazing about recovering from the last time she was in town, or hanging out with your friends is up to you. The point is simply that it is easier to adjust your schedule around the fact that she is only ever going to be around for perhaps a few weeks at a time and will be gone for long stretches.

They Say Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


While you may not want to take this literally, it is true that the less time we have to devote to someone or something, the more we really want to. Something that can mark the downfall of many relationships can instead be used to shore yours up. In the case of long distance relationships, the problem is mainly that you do not ever expect to see her in person outside of specific trips. It is that you are both living lives entirely separate of one another in a steady day to day existence. When it comes to travelling, this isn’t so much the case. For one thing, you know she is always going to come back. For another, the intervals you are dealing with are much closer together and easier to plan around. Frequent travelers will still be seen multiple times a month, whereas long distance relationships have very infrequent meet ups if any at all over extended time periods.

Due to this, you actually come to appreciate the distance between you rather than abhor it. You can both yearn a bit and pine if in the mood, but overall, the point is that neither of you are really far enough apart to ever stop missing each other. If done right, this can be a scenario with all the perks of long distance, but none of the downsides. If both of you are rather independent to begin with, you can even make it work better than a normal relationship. So never be afraid to date someone who seems to be always on the move. Embrace it, and use it to better you relationship. Who knows, you may even end up somewhere nice yourself.

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Since almost all automobile engines depend on internal combustion, the engine heat is a big problem. The many explosions taking place inside the combustion engine cylinders when the engines are running give off a lot of heat. If the heat that is given off is not controlled, it can cause damages to the engine itself. A good driver understands that it is crucial to check the engine temperature all times.

Maintain a fine engine cooling system

The only way to ensure that your engine runs smoothly is maintaining a fine engine cooling system. The vehicles cooling system is always anchored by a radiator, that is charged with the task of bearing warmed coolant fluids to dissipate heat back to the external environment. Remember that a liquid coolant is usually a mixture of chemicals called antifreeze and water.

Vista-Pro radiator

Strategic location

Engine cooling systems are often located near the vehicle front, behind the grille. This position enables adequate flow of air in and within the cooling system. This then allows for efficient heat transfer. In case your engine cooling mechanism seems faulty, you can try the Vista-Pro radiators.

Constant temperatures

When the car is running, there is the creation of friction between various engine parts and such friction generates huge amounts of heat. Such enormous levels of heat can lead to damages in the cars engine. Therefore, it is crucial that this heat is controlled so as to maintain a steady temperature in the cars engine. That is why Vista-Pro is needed: to cool the car engine down.

Cooling effect

A car radiator comes with a coolant fluid, side tanks, tubes and aluminum fins. The whole radiator system has a role of taking the heat away from the coolant fluid, transferring it to the air and then the fan blows it away to bring a cooling effect.

Learn more and buy one at ONLINEcarParts.Co.UK

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Almost every modern automotive has got power windows of various brands such as autocop power windows among others. These windows make the lowering and raising of car windows very easy major aspect behind the proper working of your auto’s power windows actually is the power window motor. The power window motor is located behind the vehicle’s door panels. This motor, once activated through power windows switches, activates the lifting mechanism moving the windows down or up.

power windows

When to replace the power window motor

Due to the frequent use of the power motors, they may become faulty indicated by the immobility of the windows once the switches are pressed. At times the motors might be broken.

Here are some things that may lead to faulty power window motors:

• Misaligned window

• Damaged window regulator

• Weakened balance springs

• Compromised or worn weather-stripping

• Misplaced window stops

• Ground wiring fault

• Obstructions in the doors or windows

Power vehicle window motors should be replaced as soon as the defect is detected so as to take care of the entire power window. Although some people may decide to fix the problem the DIY way, it is advisable to hire a person who is skilled and experienced in this job. In case the windows are damaged too, you can replace them using the various models and brands available in the market. Here are two varieties that fall under the autocop power window brand:

Trackpro TP1000

This model comes with modern features that are very useful as far as your vehicles security is concerned. It has a sim tracking device and is compatible with all types of cars SUVs.

Autocop Parkpro PPP 1000

Parkpro PPP 1000 is another type of power window suitable for all cars and SUVs and comes with a 4.3 inches display parking sensor system and a camera.

Learn more at www.BESTpartStore.Co.uk

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Recently I was imagining what cars would be like 25 years from now. My son will be around the same age as I am now, so he will be growing up in this transition. Today we already have vehicles parking themselves and in 2 1/2 more decades it will most likely be old news.

This scares the b-jesus out of some people, but if you’re like us, we can’t wait to see the new innovations reach the automotive market. Here is what you can expect when it comes to the future of driving:

Exterior Air Bags

Exterior Air Bags

In order to reduce the damage to vehicles and enhance a driver and/or rider’s safety, exterior air bags will be found on most vehicles in the future. When you think about it, exterior air bags sounds like it will feel like bumper cars if you get in an accident. How long before you see the majority of cars with external airbags? Give it about 5 to 10 years.

Long Range Headlights

Long Range Headlights

Often times we are driving down a dark two-lane road, and even if with our brights on; there isn’t enough lighting. Sure you might be able to see a vehicle coming, but other issues could surface. For instance, if you live out in the country and have tons of deer roaming the roads, it’s easy for one of them to dart across the street right in front of you.

Whatever the reasoning; there is advanced technology working towards a longer beaming light. The ones we have found revolve around laser headlights or high beams. It’s another innovation you can expect to see in the next decade or so.

Google Cars

Google Cars

If you’re an avid Internet user, you probably already know how your web browser collects data about you. It figures out what you commonly research, and then when you visit pages, it provides ads based on your searches. Even though vehicles won’t actually be “Google” vehicles, we will see futuristic vehicles with the ability to collect data from you. (more…)

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Bath time with baby can be the best time of the day. Babies usually love baths and it gives you both time to have some special interaction with your baby, free of any distractions (after all, you can’t leave a baby alone in a bath!). It’s also a time when working dads can get to see their child for a while. Bath time usually coincides with the time dad gets home from work so it gives them a chance to have some quality time together, followed by a story and bed.

Incorporating daily baths into your childs routine helps them to recognise that bed time is approaching and there’s nothing nicer than a relaxing bath with plenty of mummy and daddy time to put them in the mood for a good night’s sleep. You can get toiletries that include flowers and herbs to help relax your baby and help him to sleep. Lavender is probably the most well known and popular of these, but look around and see what scents take your fancy.

If you fancy trying baby massage, after a bath is a good time for this as this will just add to the amount of relaxation your baby feels. Don’t be surprised if he goes to sleep before you’ve even put him to bed!

So, what do you need for your baby’s bath?

Bath or bath support: A young baby (under 1) will need either a bath support or a baby bath. A bath support is used in a full size bath and is a good choice if you are having a bath with baby. You fill up the bath as normal and sit your baby in the support. This is especially helpful when your baby is unable to sit. A baby bath is a small bath that is filled with water for your baby to sit in (sit the bath in your normal bath so it is easy to fill and empty).

IMPORTANT: Never leave a baby alone in a bath, whether using a support or not. It’s much too easy for them to slip under the water and drown.

Thermometer: It’s important that the water you use isn’t too hot. Babies aren’t able to regulate their body temperature adequately and a hot bath can cause them all sorts of problems. Make sure the temperature never goes above that recommended on the thermometer.

Toiletries: You will need an all in one body and hair wash (you can buy separate shampoo but I don’t think it’s necessary) and I would recommend getting something in a pump action bottle as this makes it much easier to use as one hand will always be holding baby, leaving just one hand free to squeeze or pump the body wash. Boots do a good one – it’s a pump action foaming bodywash so you can pump is straight onto baby without lathering it up first.

Towels, Flannels and Cotton Wool: Cotton wool and water should be used for the first few days after baby is born, and you should continue to use cotton wool balls to wash baby’s face. A flannel can be used to was the rest of baby’s body and you will, of course, need a towel to dry baby with. You can use ordinary towls or cuddle robes which have a hood and and are designed to keep baby snug (but basically do the same job as a towel). Make sure you dry baby’s head straight after the bath as he can lose body heat quickly .

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If you could invite anyone to a dinner party who would it be? It is a classic dilemma and normally we do not get to choose anyone to come. But imagine if you could choose anyone, who would you ask? What sort of conversation would they have with you and what sorts of interesting things could you find out about?

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher

Having a good strong woman would be a great start to the dinner party. She has had to live in a man’s world for a long time and it would be interesting to find out how this woman managed the men around her and also managed to be a wife and mother. This is a job that a lot of women have to do these days, keep a job and manage the family and it would be really interesting to find out how someone, with the most important job in the county, managed to do it. It would also be interesting to find out how she managed on so little sleep and what she really though of the US president and the Queen!

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller

Having someone funny at a dinner Party is always a great thing. Someone who can tell intelligent jokes and also has a slapstick nature is fantastic. It is great to have all the guests laughing. With such a good career, he would also have great stories to tell about celebrities he had met and things like that. He is also of a good age with good life experience so is likely to have some great stories to tell.

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi

Having someone musical can always bring a different aspect to a dinner party. You may feel that you want some entertainment. However, just having a voice is not always enough. It can be great to have someone who has had a lot of experience of the music industry and also has some good tales to tell and having toured a lot, he is sure to be able to do this. Having someone a bit older is good too, not some of these young new stars who have little experience and not really very much musical talent if we are all honest. (more…)

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We all make a statement when we choose what to wear. Whether we wear something that will make us stand out or blend in, choose something that suits us and flatters us or hides our body. We may not feel that we make a conscious decision about how we look, but if we are choosing our clothes, then it is likely that there is some decision making going on.

One way to show people what you think is through your clothing. Some people make political statements or religious statements by wearing specific garments or having messages printed on clothing. Some people do this very seriously but others will have some fun with it. They might like to show that they enjoy certain products. Some people even like to make a statement about food and drink that they enjoy.


For example, there is a big demand for clothing which has references to alcoholic drinks. If you like this sort of thing, then you will be interested in the Guinness merchandise. Guinness garments tend to be black, like the drink, which can make them look smart. There are some green ones as well, to highlight the Irish connections, with Ireland tending to have associations with the colour green. There are quite a few different designs, including some lighter ones to choose form. Guinness has a very recognisable logo and style, which makes it the perfect thing to have on clothing if you do want to show people that you enjoy this beverage.

So there are many different ways that you can make a statement with what you wear and many of us do this. With such a big choice of clothing, it means that there are many options for everyone and it is possible for each of us to make a choice to either dress like others or be an individual and stand out from the crowd. We can choose to make a political or religious view obvious, advertise a product that we like or just wear things that suit us or are comfortable. There are a lot of choices that we can make and it can great fun when you think about it!

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