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Almost every modern automotive has got power windows of various brands such as autocop power windows among others. These windows make the lowering and raising of car windows very easy major aspect behind the proper working of your auto’s power windows actually is the power window motor. The power window motor is located behind the vehicle’s door panels. This motor, once activated through power windows switches, activates the lifting mechanism moving the windows down or up.

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When to replace the power window motor

Due to the frequent use of the power motors, they may become faulty indicated by the immobility of the windows once the switches are pressed. At times the motors might be broken.

Here are some things that may lead to faulty power window motors:

• Misaligned window

• Damaged window regulator

• Weakened balance springs

• Compromised or worn weather-stripping

• Misplaced window stops

• Ground wiring fault

• Obstructions in the doors or windows

Power vehicle window motors should be replaced as soon as the defect is detected so as to take care of the entire power window. Although some people may decide to fix the problem the DIY way, it is advisable to hire a person who is skilled and experienced in this job. In case the windows are damaged too, you can replace them using the various models and brands available in the market. Here are two varieties that fall under the autocop power window brand:

Trackpro TP1000

This model comes with modern features that are very useful as far as your vehicles security is concerned. It has a sim tracking device and is compatible with all types of cars SUVs.

Autocop Parkpro PPP 1000

Parkpro PPP 1000 is another type of power window suitable for all cars and SUVs and comes with a 4.3 inches display parking sensor system and a camera.

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