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Taking time off to enjoy a well-earned holiday is both exciting and relaxing to anticipate, nevertheless it is imperative to plan appropriately and take the appropriate precautions necessary before departing. Since nothing can inconvenience a holiday as rapidly as losing your hard-earned money. Tourists unfamiliar with a new location they are visiting are easy targets for pickpockets and scammers who may rob, cheat or trick you readily if you do not stay vigilant and protect your wallet, bag, phone and other valuables. Don’t be an easy target and have your holiday ruined by hustlers.

Below are five straightforward and practical ways to keep your holiday money safe when travelling abroad:

Travelling Money

1. Limit Your Use of Cash and Credit

By utilising cash, debit or credit cards as your main means of payment for your holiday expenditures can cause an abundant amount of risk. To begin with, it is not uncommon for tourists or travellers to overspend on holiday, which puts them over their initially planned budget, this can have dire consequences if not managed properly. Additionally, the loss of your debit or credit card through theft or misplacement will cause severe problems that may lead to credit card fraud or stolen personal information.

The use of cash as a primary payment method has several problems including an increase in spending and risk of being stolen. Therefore, the ideal method of payment during your travels is by using a prepaid card. As you have loaded the card beforehand, you can easily stick to a definite budget and it is easier to conceal and more discreet to use. Before you go, be sure to check what forms of payment are primarily accepted at your destination. (more…)

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Starting your own business isn’t easy, and with so many expenses and so many competition coming from all corners, getting things in order seems practically impossible. Without the proper funds and enough money to keep everything ticking over, your business can quite easily fail before it’s even started. One of the best things that you can do in the early stage is get a business loan. You can get one from a company that is lending out money or you can ask your family and friends to lend you some cash. Here are the main benefits of getting a loan for your business.

  1. No personal repayments

Unless your family and friends are very gracious and forgiving, they’ll expect to get their money back no matter what happens to your business. However, many companies which lend out money to new entrepreneurs hold the corporation liable rather than the individual business owner. This makes things a lot easier, since you don’t have the same pressure that you would have if you borrowed money from another type of lender. If your business goes into liquidation, you will be able to pay off what you can without having to worry about losing your home and other personal assets.

business loan

  1. Lower interest rates than many other loans

Using a credit card or other form of loan to help your business along will only mean that you have to pay higher rates of interest. While some credit cards allow you to use the card for a year without paying any interest, you pay very high rates once the year is up. Since business loan lenders understand that you’re trying to get much-needed funds to set up a business, they are often more lenient with interest rates. (more…)

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Making money online is a hugely popular topic nowadays, and with more people than ever before trying to cash in, it can be difficult to find ways of actually winning some cash online. Thankfully, there are still many things that you can do if you want to try and win some money online. In most cases, you’ll have to do something for it, even if it’s as simple as giving your email address. However, it’s not impossible, and there are hundreds of people winning some extra money online. Here are some of the methods that you might like to try.

  1. Online competitions

You don’t normally have to pay anything to enter online competitions, and many of them have cash prizes to give away. Just by searching for online competitions, you’ll find sites which are dedicated to finding you all the best competitions. Try to enter those with a lower amount of cash up for grabs, since there are probably less entrants, thus increasing your chances of winning the cash. You can also look at smaller sites and lesser-known competitions – the fewer people who enter them, the more chances you have of winning!

Making money online

  1. Use your skills and talents

There are many ways to win some cash online by using any skills that you have. For example, there are always competitions being run for those who want to write stories, articles and e-books. Although this will require some time on your part, and you don’t have any guarantee of winning, it’s perfect for those who simply wish to gain experience or have something which could be a real winner. Website developers often run logo competitions or contests to find a new slogan, and you retain the rights to your designs unless you win the competition and are paid for it. Don’t forget to read the small print in any competitions that you enter, since you don’t want to end up handing over the rights unknowingly! (more…)

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