Making a Statement With Clothing

We all make a statement when we choose what to wear. Whether we wear something that will make us stand out or blend in, choose something that suits us and flatters us or hides our body. We may not feel that we make a conscious decision about how we look, but if we are choosing our clothes, then it is likely that there is some decision making going on.

One way to show people what you think is through your clothing. Some people make political statements or religious statements by wearing specific garments or having messages printed on clothing. Some people do this very seriously but others will have some fun with it. They might like to show that they enjoy certain products. Some people even like to make a statement about food and drink that they enjoy.


For example, there is a big demand for clothing which has references to alcoholic drinks. If you like this sort of thing, then you will be interested in the Guinness merchandise. Guinness garments tend to be black, like the drink, which can make them look smart. There are some green ones as well, to highlight the Irish connections, with Ireland tending to have associations with the colour green. There are quite a few different designs, including some lighter ones to choose form. Guinness has a very recognisable logo and style, which makes it the perfect thing to have on clothing if you do want to show people that you enjoy this beverage.

So there are many different ways that you can make a statement with what you wear and many of us do this. With such a big choice of clothing, it means that there are many options for everyone and it is possible for each of us to make a choice to either dress like others or be an individual and stand out from the crowd. We can choose to make a political or religious view obvious, advertise a product that we like or just wear things that suit us or are comfortable. There are a lot of choices that we can make and it can great fun when you think about it!

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